Jordan Mann

UX Designer

The Netherlands

A technical user experience designer; with a focus on design systems, component libraries and accessibility.

I’m currently working on democratising blue collar sourcing at Recruit Robin. Previously, I fulfilled Springer Nature’s goal of organising their many complex product offerings. And before that, I worked at 10 Creative - one of the top start-up design agencies in Cambridge, UK.

My friends would describe me as an inquisitive problem solver with an adventurous spirit

Whenever possible, you will find me outdoors on an adventure. I love to explore; whether it's hiking, camping, cycle touring or bouldering. When I'm not adventuring, I can be found training to compete in Hyrox competitions.

If you can't find me outside, I will most likely be in my office; gaming on my hand built computer, mapping the world on OpenStreetMaps or working on my own projects, for example I'm currently learning Nuxt 3.