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Aluma aims to simplify automatic document processing in the cloud. They needed an extensive information-driven marketing site to tell their story.


  • Allow the addition of many ‘hand crafted’ pages without it feeling like a huge site
  • SEO driven marketing site to get in front of their potential customers without spending loads on ads
  • A resource database built to scale massively over time as the company grows

Making the site feel ‘hand crafted’

The website is built to integrate with Craft CMS, my go-to CMS for most projects, to allow user-friendly but advanced content building. The site was mapped and wireframed with this complex content building in mind as the client wanted to expand the site massively as they grow.

Aluma sitemap Website sales flow map, an exploration on how a user gets from the home page to signing up for the service

Using Craft CMS, I could focus on designing the sections and components within the pages that the client could use to build out each page in a custom way. The sections needed to feel cohesive and sit next to each other comfortably.

Final Aluma website home page wireframe Screenshot of the live Aluma website home page

The client wanted to display a lot of information on each page - so while I was designing each element, I needed to pay special attention to getting spacing spot on. Spacing that's too tight would make the site feel overcrowded but if it was too loose, the pages would be very long. I created a spacing system based around multiples of 12 - this creates a solid flow down the pages and across the site.

An example of the spacing system in use on the Aluma website

A resource section built for expansion

Aluma wanted an extensive content-driven area on their site that contained many different types of content. I had to design this so Aluma can add hundreds of pieces of content in a scalable and easy to digest manner.

Going with a standard blog section wasn’t going to cut it. So I came up with the idea of an all-encompassing resource section. The top-level page contains an overview of posts of all types - one level deeper are pages listing posts of each type, and deeper again you have the actual content.

The main resource page design where feeds from all resource sections combine Case study resource listing page, a step down from the main resource listing page Individual case study page, each resource type has its own styling